Hibbett's resignation

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Jamie Baker-Nantz
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With the resignation of Grant County Schools Superintendent Michael Hibbett, effective at the end of the school year, the Grant County Board of Education will begin a search for a new superintendent. What qualities should they be looking for in the next superintendent?

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A actually think that any man

A actually think that any man in this position must be literally involved in the actual school matter, minor matters and major matters, they should be all treated with equal attention. This is the kind of man our superintendent was, he was a model for all of us, I owe him my rn for inspiring me.

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Well first of all the

Well first of all the candidate should have good experience inside the school system, good leadership and administrative skills. I hope the County Board of Education will find the fit person for this job, all of our students deserve the best. I am a former graduate of the local school and I am now on my way of getting my online mba degree, this is my chance to thank all the teachers that helped me reach this point.