Hats off to Rep. Royce Adams

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I was unable to attend the get-together for Royce Adams due to illness in the family. I did however, wish to add my comments regarding the contributions Adams has made over the years to the general health and well-being of Grant, Owen and Gallatin counties. Few individuals outside the health community are aware that if not for the tireless efforts of Royce Adams , numerous individuals would have found themselves without needed health care.  Royce Adams was a fierce defender of the Kentucky Medicaid program in its efforts to protect the health of this area’s indigent population. He was equally aggressive in taking the program to task when program discrepancies, inadequacies and service void were identified, which threatened to curtail or eliminate needed health care services. I am thankful to Royce Adams as he helped to see the practice through several transition periods when the state Medicaid program was running empty. He saw to it that the state found needed funding to prevent any lapse in care to the people he served.

I know of no other person who was so dedicated to his constituency as was Royce Adams. I am acquainted with several other members of the legislative body and all of them have nothing but praise for his work in the Legislature. It was said of him that he constantly worried that his work would not have enough of a positive impact on his counties and this just seemed to drive him on. He leaves his friends and colleagues to forever admire his contribution to the

Commonwealth of Kentucky and to Grant, Owen and Gallatin counties. I want to take this moment to thank Royce Adams for his tireless, selfless work on behalf of all of us who live in these counties. His mark, as we say back in the mountains, will be hard to shoot against. My hat is off to you Royce Adams and I think that I speak for all those you have helped; you stand 10 feet tall in our eyes.
David Ison