Hall signs letter of intent for golf at Ursuline College

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By Matt Birkholtz

Grant County senior golfer Kodi Hall will be heading to Cleveland to play golf for Ursuline College after signing her national letter of intent Feb. 23.

For Hall it relieves a lot of stress knowing she has committed.

“It’s that time of year when colleges are setting their deadlines,” she said “Now that I have the letter of intent signed, I can enjoy the time with friends and family before heading to college.”

Ursuline College first-year head coach Kevin Alcox said he did some basic research and found Hall and the Grant County Lady Braves golf program.

“When I came to Ursuline College, the team had a bunch of walk-ons that played golf because they enjoyed it and not for the experience they have received in high school,” he said. “So my first action was to begin recruiting.”

Alcox said that he looked to the border states of Ohio and fell across the success of the Grant County program.

“With the recruiting website www.beRecruited.com, I looked at what major they wanted to pursue and if we have that major,” he said. “I found Hall and immediately identified her as one of my top prospects.”

Alcox said he hopes to make his team consist  of four or five freshmen and looks for them to compete in the upcoming season, including Hall.

“If she is our number one golfer, great,” he said. “If she is our number four golfer, then that is great as well. I am looking for her to be a leader and keep the other golfers focused.”

With her college chosen, Hall said this is a big accomplishment that she has been dreaming of for a long time.

“I have waited for this day since I started golfing six years ago,” she said. “It made me feel satisfied for all the hard work I have done. All the summer practices that I did with coach Marcus Camacho. The noon to night practices that wore you down. That time and effort has paid off now.”

Camacho said he is proud for Hall to get this opportunity to play in college.

“I think it’s great for the program as well,” he said. “Hopefully, the girls coming behind her saw the hard work that Hall put in for this and work towards the same goal.”

Hall contributes the success of the Grant County program to Camacho and the boys’ coach Lance Robinson with senior Zach Wright heading to Northern Kentucky University for golf.

“The girls team has been undefeated in match play the last three seasons and something is fueling that success and I give praise to our coaches,” she said.