Hall earns GED diploma

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By The Staff

Billy Joe Hall, from Covington, received his GED diploma from Grant County Adult Education Program.

Hall had the highest test score out of all the graduates from the program this year. He also had a perfect score in math.

“I passed with flying colors,” Hall said.

Hall was a resident of Crittenden from ages 6 – 18 and attended Grant County High School for two years. He moved to Kenton County and attended Scott High School for a short time.

After school, Hall said he knew he needed to get a job. He worked in construction for the Environment Service Group. However, this past year Hall was laid off due to the decrease in work needed.

Hall said it was difficult to find a job without a college education, let alone not having a high school diploma.

Hall said his parents did not attend college and they had good jobs, but he has noticed now, it’s almost necessary to have a degree for any career.

Hall found out about the free opportunity to get his GED and decided to take the step.

Since finishing the program, Hall is working for Fed-Ex and has enrolled at ITT Technical Institute in northern Kentucky and is working on a two-year Business Administration degree.

“I want to start a business eventually,” Hall said. “A pub or a restaurant.”

Hall said he needed school to get a job and be able to support himself and a family. His advice to others would be to stay in school and earn a degree, so they can do the same.