Grant County Martial Arts moving forward

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Grant County Martial Arts (GCMA) has been busy.
Beginning on Sept. 9, 13 members trekked to Lexington for competitions and demonstrations of the Shaolin Do style of martial arts.  

The following Wednesday, belt rank testing was conducted at GCMA’s Dry Ridge Location by international Grand Master Sin Kwang Thé, attended by 18 members of the group.

Shaolin Do is a traditional form of ancient Chinese martial arts developed by monks centuries ago.  
During the 1970s, the system was brought into the United States to Lexington from China by Sin Kwang Thé.  
Within the system there are six basic levels of belt ranking. These are: white, yellow, blue, green, brown to black.  
Within brown and black, there are different levels, including three brown (third to first) and 10 black (including Associate Master, to Master to Elder Master levels and ending with a single Grant Master). Each level builds on the previous levels of forms and stances.

As for GCMA, it is the oldest martial arts practicing in Grant County today.  
Originally a part of the Northern Kentucky Martial Arts School in Hebron, GCMA was created 26 years ago by Dan Lester.  

Around 2010, GCMA was taken over by Nick Brummer and Kevin Brandenburg.  
Today, Brummer is the lead Master of the School. He is assisted in teaching the traditional martial art by Rick Kells, Master; Tom Hughes, Sifu; Jacob Parker, Sifu and Debby Lucas Angel, Sifu.
Sifu is an instructor.  
Classes include conditioning exercises as well as empty hand and weaponry forms as well as sparring, to practice the arts learned.
Members of GCMA returned home from their annual competition laden with precious metals.  
Vying in their respective belt and age categories, the six members who competed came out winners:
• Jacob Parker:  Blackbelt; Gold Men’s Overall Blackbelt Sparring
• Calvin Baker, Brownbelt; Silver in Weapons; Bronze in Empty Hand
• Kaitlyn Bolog, Brownbelt; Gold in Weapons, Silver in Sparring
• Wyatt Newton, Brownbelt; Silver in Sparring, Silver in Emptyhand and Silver Weapons
• Dylan Bosse, Greenbelt; Gold in Weapon, Gold in Empty Hand and Bronze in Sparring
• Avery Lello, Bluebelt; Bronze in Weapon      

The following Wednesday, Grand Master Sin Thé came to Grant County to conduct a regional belt rank testing.  
Members of GCMA, as well as folks from Northern Kentucky and Southern Ohio Shaolin Do’s, came to the I-75 Outlet Mall in Dry Ridge to move up a belt in the system.
Those from GCMA moving up were:
• Yellow to Blue:  Jeff, Cooper and Lucy Chaplan, Logan McKee
• Green to Third Brown:  Dylan Bosse
• Third Brown to Second Brown:  Jeffrey Jackson and Wyatt Newton
• Second Brown to First Brown:  Chris, Emily and Calvin Baker and Kaitlyn Bolog
GCMA Shaolin Do Kung Fu classes are designed to develop fitness, agility and speed in the ancient martial arts.  
Practice encourages respect and discipline through martial arts applications.  
Classes are conducted Monday, Wednesday and Friday beginning at 5:30 p.m. and are open to the public for anyone aged 6 and up.

For more information on GCMA, call (859) 824-4262 or follow on Facebook and/or their website.