Grant County Jaguars state champions for second time

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By Camille McClanahan

The Grant County Jaguars competed in the Special Olympics State Basketball Tournament held  March 8 -10 at Hoops in Louisville.
There were a total of 40 teams that competed at the state tournament, with nine different brackets for the tournament.  


The Grant County Jaguars B division played in the B Blue Division bracket with five teams total in the Jaguars bracket.
The Grant County Jaguars record is 7-4.  In the first game of the state tournament, the Jaguars faced the Louisville Lightning with a final score of 22-14.  
Jeremy Hearn played his heart out with a total of 16 points.
In the second game of the tournament, they played the Nky Dragons with the final score being 28-18. Nick Smith was the top scorer with a total of 14 points.  

Winning both of these games earned the Jaguars a place in the championship game.  They played the Louisville Thunder in the championship game.  

A defensive game, both teams were aggressive. The score was tied at half time 10-10.
They only let the Louisville Thunders score twice in the secord half and pulled out the victory with a score of 21-14 and becoming state champions for a second time in five years.

“They have worked hard all season and it has paid off,” said Beverly Bass, coach of the Grant County Jaguars.
The Grant County Jaguars started out with a team that consisted of eight players in 2009.  Since that time we have added another team The Jaguars 1A  team.  The Jaguars B team has nine players, three of which are from the original team from 2009.  

“It has been an honor to coach these amazing athletes. I am truly blessed to know each and every one of them.” Bass said.