Grant County boy’s golf finishes 11th in state

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The Grant County Boy’s golf team did something that no other Braves team has done in the history of the school.  
Since moving to the format where teams are cut after the first round of play and only teams finishing in the top 12 make it to round two, the Braves made the cut.  

This year, the Braves finished 11th overall at the state tournament, which was held at Bowling Green Country Club Oct. 3-4.

Coach Michael Camacho thought that going in his team was strong enough to make that cut for the first time.  Camacho said that last year’s performance wasn’t even close for the Braves.  They missed the cut by 24 strokes.  

He said after that experience the team was no longer wide-eyed by just playing in the tournament.  The team focused more this year and they approached the tournament in the same way they approached every tournament this season.

Grant County was the last team out on the course on day one of the tournament. Camacho said that he and some of the other coaches were joking about how they would be the leaders at that point in time simply because they would not have played that many holes.

After three holes he took a screen shot of the leader board and they were tied with St. Xavier and Trinity for the lead.  He did it in fun, of course, but as they entered the 15th hole, they were in fifth place.  He said that Michael Frost had just birdied three of the last four holes and he knew that his score was going to count.  

The last four holes played tough for the Braves as they were hitting into the wind.  Camacho said he was excited about the prospect of what could happen and at the same time nervous.  Many players would have folded under the pressure but the Braves just kept focusing on one hole at a time.  Camacho said they played right through the pressure and the difficulty of the last four holes.  

Camacho said that Ryan Mitts was the last player in for the Braves.  He hit his second shot into the 18th hole and had about a 12-foot birdie putt.  
Camacho asked him, “Are you ready to play tomorrow?”
To which he replied, “Yeah, buddy.”

Camacho thought Mitts was thinking that he was going to play as an individual.  
Camacho responded to him, “I think we are all going to get to.” Mitts responded, “Are you serious?”
Yes, he was serious and the Braves advanced to day two of the tournament.

Camacho had a lot of praise for his team.  He said that Kyle West performed well.  He was excited for him because he has been getting the attention of college coaches this season, including at the regional and state tournaments.

Ryan Mitts has been the anchor all season long.  He struggled on day two of the tournament.  But Camacho said he regrouped and made a strong run at making an All-State Team but just fell short.  He can’t wait to see what Mitts is able to accomplish next year.
Tyler Mitts is only a freshman and he just finished fifth in the region and shot 160 in the state tournament.  He is one of the top three freshmen in the state and Camacho believes that he will make some serious noise next season as well.Lucas Allnutt made his first trip to the state tournament.  

The coach said he believes that this was a great experience for him.  Camacho said that it will make him a better player.  The way he played in the regional showed what he is capable of.  
He still has two years left to play and his improvement should be something that will help the Braves to get back to Bowling Green again next season.  
Camacho said that Michael Frost had the round of his life on first day of the tournament. The senior, Camacho said, finished his career on a high note.  
The Braves didn’t win the state title but Camacho is as happy as a coach whose team did win.  
The Braves finished just two shots off of a top 10 finish at the state. They finished as the seventh best public school in the event.  
Kyle West was chosen as the recipient of the Leachman Buick-GMC-Cadillac Award for sportsmanship.
He was the only player in the field chosen for this award and he will receive a $500 scholarship.
Camacho said West has been one of the most reliable players he has ever coached, and no player has ever deserved winning the sportsmanship award more than him.
The scoring totals for the two days included a team score of 317 Oct. 3 and a 331 Oct. 4 for a total of 648.
Ryan Mitts shot a 76 and 83 for a combined 159. Kyle West shot a 79 and 79 for a combined 158.
Tyler Mitts shot a 79 and 81 for a combined 160.  Lucas Allnutt shot a 92 and 89 for a total of 181 and senior
Michael Frost shot an 83 and 88 for a total of 171.