Grant County band leaves no doubt

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By The Staff

The Grant County Marching band traveled to Madison Southern High School in Berea Oct. 31 to compete in 4A East Regional Competition.

The day started for the band at 6:45 a.m. with it raining and cold, but the band was determined to leave no doubt in the mind of the judges that would be seeing them later in the day.  Upon arriving at Madison Southern, the bands schedule was slightly altered as another week of rain caused the competition to be delayed an hour. 

 Taking the field at 1:45 p.m., the band knew that in order for them to advance to semi-finals they had one chance, there was no preliminary or finals, it was once and done.  Once was all the band needed on Saturday as they earned a distinguished score of 88, just two-tenths above Mercer becoming the 4A East Regional Champions. 

 The band has one more intense week of practices before traveling to South Oldham for 4A Semi-finals where 16 bands, eight from the East and eight from the West, will compete head to head for the final four State Championship spots.  With a performance draw of ninth, the band will take the field at 1:15 p.m.  Although the band would have preferred to draw a later performance time, they know that they will have to step up and have an undeniable performance if they want to advance to finals. 

 “This band has the potential to make it to finals and win, they just have to pull it from within themselves and leave it all on the field and have their best performance yet,” said band director David D. Owens, “this is an amazing group of kids and it is all up to them now.  My job is almost done, I can only take them so far, the rest is the choice they make when they step onto the field.”

(Submitted by Annette Crimmins)