Good citizen, indeed

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By The Staff

Fred Domaschko doesn’t consider himself a hero. He told the Grant County Fiscal Court he was just doing what his parents had taught him to do when he found a 3-year-old boy standing on the side of Interstate-75 in Williamstown on a cold, snowy night earlier this month. (See story on page 3.)
Domaschko dialed 911 and waited with the little guy until help arrived.
As it turns out, the child managed to get out of his home and walk for over a mile and a half, down an embankment before he was discovered.
This situation was truly an accident. His father left him home with his teenage sister while he went to get his wife from work. It’s a situation that serves as a sobering reminder to all parents that it could have happened to anyone.
Thankfully this story had a happy ending. The child suffered no harm and was returned to his family.
Domaschko can rest easy because his parents would be proud that he did the right thing.
Sometimes heroes come in the form of ordinary folks who simply believe in the Golden Rule of doing unto others as they would like done to them.