Going to church is exciting!

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By Darrell Morgan

As a child, I remember each Sunday getting up and doing what we did each and every Sunday. We went to church. There was an unspoken reality that when Sunday came we would make the journey about 20 miles from our house to the little church I grew up in. Going to church was really a non negotiable. It really wasn’t anything we even discussed.

We did not see going to church as a duty, expectation or a religious requirement. We wanted to go. My parents and my sister and I enjoyed seeing my extended family, friends and spending Sunday mornings worshiping the Lord. Church is where we heard the Gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ. Church is where we shared in the Lord’s Supper, a visual and tactile reminder of Christ’s death and sacrifice for us. Church is where we heard testimony, prayer and people crying out to God to intervene in their lives. Church is where we found hope.

That pattern and example that I was given has stuck with me, and now that I am a pastor, it is my hope that others build this mentality into their church attendance. Unfortunately, church attendance can be something that is just a religious necessity or an expectation of others, or even a duty to be performed.

It is my hope that all believers in the Lord Jesus will find church attendance as a privilege and an opportunity to be in the presence of the Lord and the presence of his people. If in fact, we have been saved by the grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ, then we should not only go to church, but be excited about it. It is the place where we give back to God what he is due—glory, honor and praise. I am confident he is worthy of it all.

So make plans now to go to church this Sunday. You will be blessed.

(Darrell Morgan is pastor at Williamstown Baptist Church.)