God answers prayers not iPhones

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In the age of Iphones, Ipads, texting, and Facebook, technology has changed the world.  Communication is often immediate. We can see anything we want with a few clicks on the computer or touch a few apps on the tablet. We are a culture with a strong desire for immediate gratification. Our desire to “get it now” I believe has influenced our faith as well. It seems disappointing to us when we pray and by the time our knees get off the ground (if we kneel at all), we expect God to fix our world and make everything perfect. When that doesn’t happen we feel like God isn’t listening or maybe he just doesn’t really care.  

We know what will bring immediate joy to our lives so we turn away from God and turn to self gratifying behavior that has immediate rewards.  Even in our church culture, if we are not getting immediate satisfaction we start entertaining the idea of going to the church down the street or maybe we just don’t go as much because we “don’t get much out of it.”  

To be clear, I have an Iphone, a Facebook page, I’m on Twitter (@darrellm) and I could not go a day without my laptop. I enjoy all that technology and the opportunity it affords to communicate and instantly access information and entertainment. So I am not against any of that. I just wonder if we expect God to be like Facebook or if we had a prayer app would we just rely on that?  

Faith is trust,trust in a Holy God who sent his Son to die for us so that we may have life.  In Isaiah 40:31 (ESV) it says, “those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength.”  Wait on the Lord?  But I want it NOW!  I need strength NOW!  Renewal and revival are not always immediate, not always momentary and often require going through the difficult times. May we not expect our great God to be like our Iphone or Laptop, may we let him do in us what he will and may we wait on the Lord.

(Darrell Morgan is is the pastor of Williamstown Baptist Church. He can be reached at 859-824-4102.)