Ghost, Gourmets and Rain, let's do it again

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By Ken Stone

Unaware that the ghost of Mrs. Hogan was jumping angrily around them, ghost shotgun in hand, screaming “boo” and “get off my porch,” 29 guests dined oblivious to the rain under the protection of the double porch at the back of the historic Hogan House.

The guests were momentarily oblivious to the beautiful surroundings while they consumed, with passion, the finest salmon that mankind could offer or Larry Spear’s ¾ inch smoked Bruce’s pork chops.

The sorbet was loaded with peaches like an Atlanta evening. The salad could have been on the cover of Time Magazine as “Salad of the Year.” The spiced sweet potatoes were a recipe straight from across the railroad tracks in Heaven. And the fresh asparagus…well, was the only glitch of the evening.

Seems the old historic Hogan House cooker-machine has one large burner that doesn’t work and one that can’t get hot enough to boil water. Therefore a last minute effort was made to cook 116 pieces, or 19 pounds of asparagus in one Paula Dean 1 liter sauce pan 15 minutes prior to serving.

But, who cared once the fourple (that’s double chocolate times 2), fudge brownie with toppings from around the world…of Grant County, was served, or, one of the other 16 or 30 dessert choices.

Lots of charities ask for donations, but seldom do you receive the dinning ambiance and unique experience of the double veranda of the historic Hogan House coupled with the exceptional food that was presented on May 8…prepared by me…Iron Chef Williamstown.

The first dinner at the Hogan House was $50 per person with a seating of 29, business casual dress.

The next dinner seats 48 at a price of $35. You will be giving a sizable donation to support the Free Lunch Kitchen and roll away from the table believing you ate more than what you paid.

The next dinner is Friday, June 26 with limited seating at 6 and 7 p.m. and casual dress.

Seating is on the upper level, lower level and lawn tent. The upper level is very popular so call as quickly as you read this to reserve a seat.

The guest chef, donating her skills for the evening, is Marilyn Cheatwood. The menu is: fresh summer fruit plate, summer Gregory Salad, choice of BBQ Ribs or Fresh Gulf Jumbo Shrimp, drink and exceptional dessert with a few extra, as always, added.

Time is short. Reserve your place by calling 859-813-1317.

Watch for the last of the summer Hogan House feasts…a cookout for $15.

(Ken Stone is the publisher for the Grant County News. He can be reached at 824-3343 or by e-mail at kstone@grantky.com.)