GCHS volleyball falls to Lady Bearcats

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By Paige Taylor

“I think we all really left it out on the court,” said Grant County High School senior Casey Hinton. “Tonight was the best I’ve ever played in districts and I’m just super proud of how we played.”


The Lady Braves took on the Walton-Verona Lady Bearcats on Oct. 21 in the 32nd Districts volleyball game at Simon Kenton High School.
Even though districts was the best the team played this season, the Lady Braves fell to Walton in all three sets.

The highlight of the night was the first set where there was a lot of intensity as both teams fought to win. GCHS quickly scored the first point of the game.

The scoring was close with the set tied or the Lady Braves one point ahead of Walton. At the first timeout it was 8-6 with GCHS in the lead.

“Our energy on the way here was so obnoxious and annoying,” Hinton said. “At school today I would see someone in the hallway and it was just annoyingly loud – it was great!”

“We were yelling, cheering, chanting and singing and when we got here that energy just stayed with us,” Macall Knight, a GCHS senior, said.

There was never more than a two-point lead during most of the first set, which ended up going beyond just 25 points as the teams were only one point behind the other throughout. Walton eventually won 30-28.
This intensity was senior Macall Knight’s favorite moment.

“The highlight for me tonight was definitely the first game. It was point-for-point the entire time and that’s the best we’ve done since I’ve played against Walton,” Knight said.

This type of energy would have been impossible for the team last year, according to Coach Amanda Matracia. She says that teamwork has been a milestone for the volleyball team.

“This season was all about them coming together as a team. Last year, they definitely didn’t play as much together as a team as they did this year,” Matracia said. “There was more togetherness. They were always there for each other.”

Matracia also says that she is proud of her team for nearly meeting their 2013 season goal, even though they fell at districts against the Lady Bearcats.

“I’m definitely proud of them this year. Our goal was to be around 50/50 for wins and losses and we came out at about 14 wins 20 losses; so we’ve definitely made an improvement from last year since we are up six wins since then. I’m looking forward to next year and doing even better.”