GCHS' Strevels prepares for college football

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By Paul Gable

Eric Strevels has been busy.

A month after graduating from Grant County High School, the former Braves football player has been getting accustomed to being a member of the Heidelberg College (OH) football team, traveling four hours every Sunday to take part in practice with his future teammates. During these periods, Strevels snaps the football and tries to familiarize himself with the college game.

"Everything is good, and it has been fun. The biggest difference is trying to learn all the terminology, but I am learning," Strevels said.

After lining up against defensive linemen as a member of the Grant County High School football team, Strevels has visions of lining up against college defensive linemen as a center.

"The coaches have said they are looking for a center, I am definitely hoping it is me. I am not looking to play on the junior varsity team. I have been working hard for a varsity spot, and I feel it will show in the future," said Strevels, who has made six trips for Sunday practices.

Working hard is not new to Strevels.

"I have never been the fastest or the strongest, and I've never been the greatest. As a result, I've had to put in a lot of hard work, effort and time," Strevels said.

And he credits his former coaches for his work ethic and rapid acumen with Heidelberg's system.

"The coaches I have had stressed the importance of hard work and how it pays off. I feel like I am getting ahead of others by the work I have done," Strevels said.

Heidelberg's coaches have Strevels working on a two-hour, four days a week program. Strevels has also been running and lifting weights.

When he goes to Heidelberg on Sundays, he not only becomes acquainted with teammates, he also knows his every step is being watched by the coaches.

"The pace has been faster, but the coaches haven't really kicked it up. I expect that to start when we go to camp, but Im having fun with it. I think I'll fit in," Strevels said.