GCHS Braves fall to Owen Rebels

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By Philip Frommeyer
Sports Correspondent


At the coin toss, the Owen County Rebels won the call and decided to kick off to the Braves on Aug. 25 at Grant County.
Early in the first quarter, Shelby Caudill intercepted a pass intended for a Rebels wide receiver.

With great scoring position and a hand off to Derek Sutherland, the Braves scored the first touch down.
Because of smart plays and strong defense, the Braves were able to keep the Rebels scoreless in the first quarter.

Quentin Haubner, playing defensive back, did his part with a stop keeping the Rebels from getting a first down. The Rebels were forced to punt the ball on fourth down.
At the start of the second quarter, the Rebels tied the game scoring a touch down. The Rebels kicker was unable to make the extra point because of a block by Chris Back. The score was 20 to 7 in the Rebels favor.

Michael Mclean, quarter back, scored the second touch down for the Braves, by running a quarter back sneak into the end zone.
In the third quarter, the Braves were unable to hold off the Rebels, who scored three  more times.
The fourth quarter saw the Rebels finding their flow making good plays and moving the ball. It was too much of a deficit for the Braves and the Rebels took home a 44-14 win.

“Coach Siple is a really good coach. I was impressed by his last couple of seasons and I’m impressed with what he is doing for Grant County’s football program,” said Adam Fowler, coach for the Rebels.
Despite the loss, Siple encouraged his players not to get discouraged.
“Go home and tell your parents ‘thank you for that meal or thank you for doing the laundry or picking up your room.’ That doesn’t magically happen, keep your heads up and I will see you for practice on Monday,” Siple said.
The Braves travel to Western Hills on Aug. 31.