GCHS boys varsity soccer falls to Villa Madonna

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By Philip Frommeyer
Sports Correspondent

Forrest Schmitt scored the first and only goal for the Grant County Braves when they faced Villa Madonna on Aug. 23.
After his teammates celebrated the goal, Schmitt ran to the sidelines where he lifted up his shirt to show the message on the shirt underneath.
“Will you go out with me?,” Schmitt’s shirt read.
Bethany Lawrence, the teen in question, said, “Yes.”
But the Braves fell to Villa after several hard shots on goal.
Despite blocking back to back shots, the Braves were not able to score again and Villa Madonna won 3 – 1.
“I think the boys got a little excited,” said coach Dave Schmitt. “We need to remember ball control and passing.”

The Braves faced Simon Kenton on Aug. 28 at home.
 The Grant County junior varsity boys soccer team were evenly matched with Villa Madonna.
 Both teams refused to give up a goal to the other team. Nathan Yeager took the slide tackle to a new level as he swept balls away from his opponents.  

Yeager’s unselfish play as well his awareness on the field contributed to the length of the game.
Ethan Howe scored the first and only goal in the game giving the Braves a win over Villa.

Howe’s shot was quick and the ball hit the net before the goalie had a chance to try and block the shot.
“The coach has us conditioned well, I don’t think any of us are really that tired and I’m ready for our next game,” said Mathew Barnett.
The GCHS Braves soccer team faced Simon Kenton on Aug. 28 at home.