Freshmen transition into high school

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By Ryan Naus

When Grant County schools started their school year on Aug. 13, 308 freshmen started their first day of high school.

Brittnie Seibert had expectations for the start of her high school career.

“I knew the classes would be hard but it would be more fun because we would have opportunities to do stuff we didn’t do in middle school,” she said.

Last year, the eighth grade class came to the high school to look around the school, learn their way and meet the teachers.

“It was helpful because I knew where my classes were,” Seibert said.

Seibert had to deal with hallways that had more students than at the middle school and had to deal with going from class to class while also making time to go back to her locker for her books.

“I got people to walk me to my classes,” Seibert said. “(Freshmen) Zach Fryman and Franklin Kidd helped me get to my classes.”

Seibert prepared for her first day by attending freshman orientation and learned the expectations, rules and guidelines from each teacher that she would have.

Seibert is taking World Civilizations honors, Biology I honors, Algebra II honors, gym, Business Applications, English I honors and French I.

She quickly learned that the homework load was different.

“We have more homework each night. At middle school, we had exploratory where we could do our homework during the last period of each day. Now, it takes about 30 minutes to an hour for each subject,” Seibert said.

While most freshmen would be wary of going to a new school and being the low person on the Braves totem pole, Seibert has transitioned well and enjoys the help she’s received from upperclassmen.

“It’s amazing. I love it here. Everyone thought we would be picked on, but the upperclassmen help you around and it’s great,” she said. “We feel like we’re a part of this school. We are proud to be a part of this family.”

Seibert’s favorite part of the high school is the foreign language program.

She’s gotten lost a few times, but Seibert has learned where her classes are and hopes that the year continues to go well.

“I hope it goes as good as this week has gone,” Seibert said. “It would be the perfect first year.”

Seibert has set goals of getting A’s in all of her classes, learn her way around the school and have fun.

(Seibert was chosen with help from the GCHS freshmen academy teachers.)