Feeling good about God

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We have made a mistake. We have made a fatal error.  We have to rethink our path. We have to make a course adjustment!  The religious culture many of us are a part of has bought into a misunderstanding of what being a follower of Jesus really is.  

This error has resulted in an impotent faith that is pedestrian at best and leads to frustration and disappointment in our lives. The error is how we think about God.  

In a spiritualized culture of which we live, the overwhelming majority of people say they believe in God and really don’t have a problem with the idea of a higher power. The mass acceptance of this idea of God may at first seem like a good thing through and through. However, the overwhelming acceptance of spirituality and the idea of God has neutered the truth about God.

Here is what I mean.  Most people base their relationship to God on how they feel about him.  If God seems generous and powerful and good then their view of a higher power has no problems.  Even when there is hurt and evil and disappointment, we may blame God who seems distant at the time, but eventually things will get better and we will be OK with God.  People rarely deny the existence of God.  We all like to believe that we are not just here on an accident or a big bang.  So what is the result is a general belief in God but not in the God that the Bible describes?

You see the Bible describes a God who is holy, just and almighty.  God is described as love but also a warrior.  He is described as a savior and also as the one who requires sacrifice for sin. The Bible reveals that God loved us enough to send his son, Jesus to die for us and our forgiveness.  The Bible also describes God as one who requires his people to live for him and follow him and put off the old self.  He is a God who had to let his own son die a horrible death so that we could have life.  The Bible describes a God whose wrath against sin is real. A wrath that had to be atoned for. Jesus died to meet the required of atonement.  It was an act of love and an act of holiness.  

God requires that we accept and believe in him through his son Jesus Christ.  He requires that we make Jesus our boss and live for him and how he has instructed us.  God is holy and he expects his people to be holy.  
Feeling good about God or believing in a higher power is not a bad thing but it falls short of who God really is and what he wants.  So a better question is not do you believe in God, but have you been reconciled to God through the person and work of Jesus Christ?
You see, being a believer is more than a good feeling about God.  Feeling good about God may give us warm fuzzies, but believing and following Jesus Christ gives us forgiveness, plus eternal life, plus purpose in life and what could feel better than that?
(Darrell Morgan is the pastor of Williamstown Baptist Church. He can be reached at 859-824-4102.)