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Baseball is a big part of my ministry, and I serve as the head coach at Asbury University. The Asbury team began this season with a 0-17 record. That’s right. We lost our first 17 games – and most of them weren’t close. Have you ever been through a “losing streak” in your life? I have – and I think many of you who may never have even played baseball can relate to what a 17-game losing streak feels like.

The temptation is to let the “losing streak” define who you are. When you’re down and out – when a job is hard to find and the bills are overdue and your health is failing and your kids are hungry – it’s easy to fall into the trap that the world has set for you and define yourself as a “loser.”

But Christ offers hope in our darkness! When we were in the midst of our 17-game losing streak, the Asbury players rallied together and dedicated the rest of the season to Christ alone. We surrendered to Jesus and trusted that win, lose or draw, as long as we followed His will for our season -- then we would be rewarded in some way.  

From that moment on, our season turned around. We started playing much better, winning some games, and by the end of the season, we were the conference champs for the first time in school history, and went on to the NAIA World Series opening round. But all along the journey, we stayed true to who we are – dedicated followers of Jesus Christ.

Friends, no losing streak can define who we are in this world. When we surrender our lives to Jesus Christ, and let our relationship with Him define who we are, then we can never lose. For what was true for us, is true for all – surrender to Jesus … and win.

(Bob Silvanik is the pastor of Dry Ridge Christian Church. He can be reached at 823-1303 or by e-mail at dryridgechristian@insightbb.com)