Dinner and a show

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By Ken Stone

The date has been set for the last “Feed the People” charity dinner. I’ll refresh your memory as to what has happened so far.

The Free Kitchen, located in downtown Dry Ridge and easily recognizable by the FREE LUNCH sign on the sidewalk, feeds our community’s hungry every weekday from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

It is a simple process. Anyone needing a meal goes inside and immediately begins filling their tray. There are no questions, forms or strings attached.

The Free Kitchen has a lot of support when it comes to donations of food. The Kitchen needs cash to pay the monthly bills. Over $100,000 came from the Spears Foundation for the set-up and start of the Feed the People program.

The question was presented to a board of local community leaders. “What can be done to raise funds when so many worthy groups are also trying to raise money?”

I opened my mouth. “Hey, I’ll cook a meal and we can serve it on the double veranda at the beautiful Hogan House.”

In May, we had the first Hogan House dinner, seating 29 at $50 each for what was a fantastic beyond reality feast, cooked by me, and served by members of the Spears Foundation.

We had to turn away many requests as cooking for 29 was beyond my comfort level. Therefore, we scheduled a second Hogan House Feed the People Dinner in July.

This time we added lawn tents and seated 48 with Marilyn Cheatwood, of Marilyn’s Ribs, as our guest chef. Again, we sold all 48 places at $35.

The calls kept coming in and when we said that we were sold out, we were asked if there would be another dinner. We scheduled the last dinner for the Hogan House but I began to worry about the weather. Then an idea popped in my head while I was drawing a doodle of Joyce Doyle at a chamber meeting.

The Forum Restaurant, downtown Williamstown, closes each day at 4 p.m. The brick walled dining room of the Forum is absolutely beautiful. Mike Gelastopoulos quickly volunteered to let us use his restaurant and to be our guest chef for the third and final charity dinner of the year.

Call Cindy Reynolds at 824-3684 right now as you read this and don’t miss this special event. It’s $50 per person and you’ll be fed and this time entertained by Cincinnati comedian Ray Price.

Ray does a ‘PG” rated comedy program so only invite your adult friends to accompany you. Ray owes me a favor and has graciously agreed to provide us with a 40-45 minute program after the meal. Google comedian Ray Price and you can find some video clips of his performance at Comedy Off Broadway and other clubs.

You can also place your reservation order online by e-mailing cindyreynolds2001@yahoo.com.

You must receive a reply confirming your reservation as we may sell out at any time.

Here’s the skinny on the event:

Feed the People Charity Dinner, raising funds for the Free Lunch Kitchen, Friday Oct. 23, seating at 6 p.m., at the Forum Restaurant, downtown Williamstown. Seating is limited to 44 and the cost is $50 per person. There will be a 40-45 minute standup comedy show after the dinner.

Other fundraising events and shows are being considered. The Hogan House dinners will begin again in May 2010. I will be preparing the first meal, which will feature seared Cornish Hens worth much more than what we’ll ask you to pay.

(Ken Stone is the publisher of the Grant County News. He can be reached at 824-3343 or by e-mail at kstone@grantky.com.)