Decorations bring Williamstown family together

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By Ryan Naus

For Jeremy Souder, decorating at Christmas time is a tradition his children don’t ever forget.

“It’s something me and my kids do together every year. If it wasn’t for them, I probably wouldn’t do everything we do,” Souder said. “But it’s what we do. We’ve got more decorations in the attic that we didn’t put out this year.”

With their house on Main Street in Williamstown, the Souders decorate and display their Christmas spirit to all who pass by.

“It adds a warmth and spirit to the town,” Souder said.

The tradition of decorating started when the Souders lived in Dry Ridge and continued when they moved.

“It started off small when we lived in Dry Ridge and it’s grown into a family tradition. It’s something they look forward to and that we do together,” Souder said.

Hailey, Samantha, Austin and Olivia each help Souder decorate their yard and their house, but one daughter especially likes displaying the family’s lights.

“Sammy seems to enjoy it more than the rest,” Jeremy said. “Decorating gets us into the Christmas mood.”