Crittenden enhances city with new sign

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By Bryan Marshall

Crittenden took its first step recently to enhance the look of the city to residents and visitors.

A new large, brick sign now sits near the intersection of U.S. 25 and Violet Road welcoming people to the city.

The sign is 12 feet wide and almost nine feet tall and cost the city about $5,600, said Mayor James Livingood.

The city council decided to go forward with the sign last spring in an attempt to beautify the area.

“This is an area where lots of people want to stick signs,” said Livingood.
Businesses and organizations are not permitted to put signs in the area where the city’s new welcome sign sits and Livingood said he hopes people comply.
The city plans to keep the area around the sign landscaped as well.

The goal is to continue more aesthetic enhancements to the city, said Livingood, who added he hopes to apply for grant funding for future projects.
Another sign likely will be added eventually to the south entrance of the city limits on U.S. 25, however, it will be different due to state regulations.

Another idea that has been floated is for residences on U.S. 25 through Crittenden to have the same mailboxes for a more eye-pleasing look.

“This is a beginning,” Livingood said about the sign. “We hope in eight or 10 years, people will come through and say, ‘This is not a bad little place.’”