Crittenden budget passes without cuts

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By Bryan Marshall

While most governmental budgets are getting slashed, there are slight increases in estimated revenues and appropriations in Crittenden’s 2012-13 budget.

The budget, which takes effect July 1, was passed by Crittenden City Council on June 5.

“Overall, I feel fine about the budget,” said Mayor James Livingood.

“We feel like we can stay within it. We have no problems with it.”

In the general fund, there are $670,300 in appropriations, an increase of $19,250 from the current year’s budget.
The amount budgeted for police protection ($182,000) and fire protection ($45,000) remains the same.

However, there are increases in appropriations of $10,250 for public works, $5,000 for trash and $4,000 for general government.

“We have contracts with the volunteer fire department,” Livingood said. “We have contracts with the sheriff’s office for police protection.

We have a contract with Grant County Fiscal Court in reference to snow removal. Those are all pretty well set in stone. Basically, all we deal with then is the general government things and public works. I try to keep it within reason and it seems to work out well.”

The estimated revenue for the 2012-13 budget increased by $22,250 for a total of $667,450.

The biggest revenue source in the general fund is $327,200 from property taxes, an increase of $17,500 from this year’s budget.

The amount the city estimates will be brought in from licenses and permits ($235,200) also increased by $4,750 from the current budget.

The remaining revenue will come from intergovernmental, sanitation/trash fees and miscellaneous categories that are projected to bring in the same money as the 2011-12 budget.

City officials are anticipating that approximately $2.12 million will remain from reserves after the end of the next fiscal year.
“We’re pretty comfortable with what we’ve got,” Livingood said.