Corinth passes budget

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By Jamie Baker-Nantz

When there’s not a lot of money in a budget, there’s not much to be done, says Corinth Mayor Billy Hill.

“We haven’t had any new sources of income, so our budget is about the same as last year,” Hill said. “We continue to tread water.”
Hill said the city saw a decrease in insurance taxes and he believes that’s a result of a stalled economy and people choosing to drop insurance coverage.

“You also don’t see as many people watering their lawns as you used to,” he said.

Corinth, which is Grant County’s smallest city with a population of 200, has a total annual budget of $63,500.

In the 2012-13 budget, revenues are as follows:
• Property tax - $20,000
• Motor vehicle tax - $1,200
• Franchise tax - $5,000
• Insurance tax - $30,000
• Vendors fee - $200
• Business license - $1,000
• Misc. income/interest - $3,100
• Municipal aid program - $3,000
In the city’s next year’s budget, which began on July 1, the major expenditures are predicted to be:
• Salaries and wages (including salaries for the mayor, clerk and city commissioners) - $28,200
• Insurance - $4,000
• Utilities - $8,000
• Maintenance/contract or professional services/legal services - $7,000

There is no money in the budget for capital projects and only $100 for street repairs.

“There’s no frills and no extras,” Hill said. “The bottom line is that services cost money.”