Corinth author brings romance to Bruce’s Grocery

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By Jamie Baker-Nantz

A Corinth author is bringing romance to Grant County to heat up the cold winter nights.
Louanna Plunkett knew as a child that she wanted to write novels.
In her 20s, the started writing seriously and has published several books, When We Grow Up and Hollywood Lies.
Plunkett will hold a book signing from 10 a.m. to noon and from 5 to 7 p.m. on Feb. 14 at Bruce’s Grocery in Mason.
Hollywood Lies takes the reader to Dry Ridge where a famous actress decides to hide while seeking to separate herself from the characters she has portrayed and to find out who she really is.
Her biggest challenge is to try and keep everyone else from figuring out who she is.
Plunkett describes herself as a thinker. She has studied religion and participated in international debate forums on various religions.
She grew up reading romance novels, but was more interested in writing them.
“For me, it’s not just about getting to the heart, but getting into a person’s head and to make the reader think,” she said. “It is exciting to create people and their lives. You can step into the stories right along with your characters as you do with reading, but in this way you get to decide how they will interact and respond in any situation that you can imagine.”
Hollywood Lies is the second book of a series entitled Secrets. In both books, the main character is seeking truth from which to build a purposeful life, but at the same time struggling with being able to tell the truth.
“Most often I find that people stumble over figuring things out because they haven’t figured themselves out yet. So often we tend to look around at others instead of looking inward,” she said.
As a Christian, Plunkett believes that self-examination is a lifelong pursuit.
She is originally from West Virginia, but settled in Corinth about 16 years ago when her husband’s job brought her here.
She lives on a farm with her husband, Darryl, and young daughter.  She also has four older children and seven grandchildren.
When she’s not writing, she spends time working with chickens and Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats.
“I wasn’t raised on a farm and my parents think I’m a little crazy for wanting to be a farmer, but I have a great respect for those who work with their hands and the land,” she said.
Being on the farm and enjoying the quiet bring inspiration to her writing, Plunkett said.
“I just look around and get ideas,” she said. “I like to watch people and how they interact. I try and go deeper than what everyone else sees.”
She is working on the third book of the Secrets series and often gets up at 4 a.m. when the house is quiet.
She is currently self-publishing her books. They are available at Bruce’s Grocery, the Grant County Public Library and Amazon.com, which offers a Kindle version. She hopes to be eventually be picked up by a publishing company.
“I’ve traveled and even been to China,” she said. “I love to go places, but I love Grant County because this is home.”