Consumer upset with product

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We constantly hear the words  buy American , I did just that. I purchased a John Deere LA175 riding lawn mower for $2,800. It came with a 26-horse power motor and a 54  mowing deck. It was the best they had to offer in the 100 class. I told the dealer I mowed three acres and part was hilly. I do live in Kentucky. The two biggest hills took about 45 minutes to mow. I was told this machine could handle my requirements. I am a disabled senior citizen and thought that with proper maintenance, I would have a mower that would last me for the rest of my life. Wrong. 

After 220 hours of use the mower stopped climbing small hills. I could let it cool and get another 30 minutes of mowing. It takes about four hours to mow my yard. I contacted the dealer and was told the transmission was going out and for $700 I could have it replaced. 

I told them I could not afford $700 every 200 hours of use. I searched the Internet for other options. 

I found a site where 400 to 500 other users had the same problem with all the LA series. I found a replacement transmission that would probably last a long time for $1,600. Wow, that price on a $2,800 mower.

I contacted John Deere customer service. I was shocked to hear them say they had no record of any problem with the LA series transmission. I told them to check out the website I found. I was told they would not do anything to help me with my problem. In my conversations about my problem, one person referred to the transmission as  junk .  Unless you live in Florida where yards are flat, I strongly recommend you not purchase this American made product. As it stands today, I will never by a John Deere product again. 

John Goodpaster

Dry Ridge