Conservative Christians are not the enemy

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The days are dark, liberty is under attack and progressivism is on display. Eric Holder is the top law enforcement officer in America. He started his position by refusing to prosecute two Black Panthers in combat garb outside a Philadelphia voting station to intimidate white voters, saying his office would not prosecute any blacks. Justice is supposed to be color blind, not the racist bigotry displayed by Holder.  The media did not pursue it. This was followed by “Fast and Furious.”The gun running scheme by the Department of Justice in an attempt to undermine the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution.  It did result in the death of hundreds of innocent Mexicans and one border control agent. The media did not pursue. Imagine the media uproar if “Fast and Furious” had been under the Bush administration and John Ashcroft as attorney general. Of course, Holder said he had been unaware of the operation and that it was some low level agents. Yeah, sure! Sound familiar? 

James Rosen with Fox News was asking questions that Holder didn’t like. To shut him up and gain additional information, Holder shopped three judges to find one that would go along with him. Under the espionage act, James was charged with being a co-conspirator with the informant and a flight risk. That, along with reading hundreds of AP reporters emails, finally woke the media up when the administrations contempt for the Constitution touched them. Even so, they kept criticism to a minimum. Holder is now in hot water for lying to Congress. President Obama says he still has full faith and confidence in Holder. Birds of a feather flock together. 

On to the horrible shame of Benghazi. In order to support the lie that terrorism had been defeated with the death of Bin Laden, a terrorist attack on American soil, resulting in the death of an American Ambassador and three others, went unanswered and undefended. All to conform to the agenda of a presidential re-election campaign. Warned of a future attack, Ambassador Stephens requested additional security. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton instead reduced it. When the attack occurred, relief forces were sitting on the tarmac and were twice told to stand down. C.I.A. agent Woods lost his life painting with laser a mortar emplacement for the gunship that should have been there. Abandoned, left behind for political purpose. Amb. Susan Rice was sent out for five days to sell the lie that this was an unplanned spontaneous incident due to a Youtube video. Mainstream media didn’t question and treated it like a non-event. Obama was re-elected. Still don’t know where he was during the attack.

It seems the progressive minions in the I.R.S. have a hit list. On it is Christians and conservatives. Basically, anyone who is opposed to their and the president’s agenda. Applying for tax-exempt status, 500 Tea Party and Christian organizations, anyone who had tea, liberty, constitution, etc. in their title were targeted. Some have been applying for up to three years, and in the mean time asked questions like “when you pray, what do you pray for, which political party do you support, give us a list of your members, etc. “ It also appears that the E.P.A. has gotten into the act, harassing business owners on those lists. And now the same I.R.S. that profiled conservatives and Christians, are being put in charge of regulating Obamacare. If you are a conservative/Christian, the progressives view you as the real enemy, not radical Islam. It has also been recently learned that the N.S.A. is monitoring millions of ordinary citizens phone calls. George Orwell’s vision has come true. Welcome to Chicago style government thuggury, or should I say Kremlin style? Progressives need to be removed from both parties while we still have a Constitution.              

Chuck Estridge