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By Brian Melton

Chasity Hornsby went through a sleepless and emotional night after being struck in the head with a gun during a robbery at the Speedway gas station in Dry Ridge.
The 26-year-old clerk was alone in the store, putting pennies in a cash register, when two armed black male suspects entered shortly before midnight July 21.
The suspects went behind the counter and demanded money.
After taking money from the open register, the suspects told Hornsby to lay down on the floor.
They then yelled at her to get money from the store’s cash drop box and the safe, but she told them she did not have access to it.
“At that point, I was panicking,” said Hornsby, a mother of 5-year-old and 6-year-old sons and a 4-year-old daughter. “I thought they were going to kill me because I can’t do it.”
The men proceeded to ask the clerk to open the second cash register.
However, the register would not open despite several attempts because Hornsby was still logged into the other register.
The men yelled and cussed at Hornsby, calling her names, as she kept trying to open the second drawer.
That is when one of the men struck Hornsby on the right side of the top of her head with his gun, knocking her to the ground.
Hornsby described the sound as “a big boom.”
“I thought I was dead,” she said. “I was thinking about my kids and whether I was going to see them again. When he hit me in the head I thought I had been shot at first. My vision was blurry. The blood started going down my face. I could feel it gushing. I thought that was it.”
Hornsby said the suspects decided to forget about the second register and ran out the door with some cash and Marlboro cigarettes.
Although the incident, which was caught on surveillance video, lasted mere minutes, Hornsby said it felt like forever.
She remembers that one man was wearing a hooded sweatshirt while the other wore a baseball hat and kept his head down, making it difficult to see the suspects clearly.
“Honestly, I know you’re supposed to look at them and try to get their features, but I was scared to look at them in the face after being hit,” Hornsby said. “I was afraid it would make it worse to look them in the eye.”
After the suspects fled, Hornsby called 911 and waited for Williamstown Police to arrive on the scene.
She was taken to St. Elizabeth-Grant County, where five staples were used to close her head wound.
The day after the robbery, Hornsby said she was still woozy and emotional.
“I was up all night,” she said. “I could not sleep. A car drove by at one point when I was finally starting to relax and the lights went through the window. I went into a complete panic and I stayed awake the rest of the night. At one point, my daughter got up and was stomping down the hallway. Her stomping reminded me of the sound when I got hit in the head. My heart stopped and I started bawling my eyes out. It’s been really hard.”
Police do not believe the suspects are from Grant County.
Images from the surveillance camera footage have been posted on Facebook in hopes that people may recognize the suspects.
The suspects are described by police as two black males — one slim build with dreadlocks wearing a blue jacket and hood and a second with a heavier build wearing a black hat.
The robbery is being investigated by Officer Brad Morris of the Williamstown Police Department and assisted by the the Grant County Sheriff’s Office and Kentucky State Police.
Anyone who may have information about the robbery is asked to call 428-1212.
A still-shaken Hornsby, who has worked at Speedway for about two months, said she is unsure if she will return to work at the gas station.
“It was a scary situation,” she said. “I feel like they just didn’t rob the store. I feel like they robbed me of my sense of security.”