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The fourth of six planned Cash Mobs takes place on Thursday, November 15.  The meeting location will be next to Marlene’s on Main Street in Williamstown. Shoppers should gather between 5 and 5:30 p.m. to learn of the secret shopping destination and enjoy refreshments provided by Marlene McComas of Marlene’s.

Anyone can participate by committing to spend at least $10 at the mystery shopping locations that will be announced after 5 p.m. at the meeting site.

 The three previous Cash Mobs have helped small local businesses and the local economy with approximately $1,000 being spent during each event.

“I have been told that this is an excellent idea,” said Candace Faulkner, who coordinates the events with Grant County News publisher, Ken Stone. “But, it is only an excellent idea if people show up and participate.”

The first Cash Mob, in Williamstown, had 38 shoppers. The second Mob, in Crittenden, had 16 shoppers.  The Nov. 1, Mob in Dry Ridge had 21 shoppers.

“Those attending the event have been very pleased with the events. Many had never been in the small local businesses that were being mobbed,” said Faulkner.

 “We keep the shopping location/s secret to build interest and excitement,” said Faulkner. “Wouldn’t it be great for local businesses and our community if more people participated.

The shopping experience can be done in a matter of minutes or at a leisurely pace. For those short on time, they can skip the meeting area and the food and go directly to the shopping location.

The last two Cash Mobs are scheduled for Nov. 29 and Dec. 13.  For more information, call 859-803-5219 or email:  kstone@grantky.com.