Cammack is blue to the bone

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By Ryan Naus

Eddie Cammack believes that his license plate says it all.


“1UK MAN” adorns the back of his truck, while blue and white University of Kentucky flags fly from his windows.

He just started watching games and got hooked on it, watching the Wildcats win the national championship in 1978.

“The more I watched it, the more I started to love the game,” Cammack said. “Starting in the early-1980’s, I’ve caught every game through watching it live, on TV or listening to it on the radio. I just love college basketball. I can’t wait for November to come around.”

Over the years, Cammack has seen the Wildcats win and lose, but he was proud when they were the first program to reach the 2,000th-win milestone earlier this season.

“I’ve seen a lot of those wins,” he said. “I liked a story that ESPNU did, where they interviewed Joe B. Hall, Kenny Walker, Kyle Macy and other players from the past. I liked how they showed the history of Adolph Rupp and the historical wins. It was great to see.”

Cammack’s favorite players are Kenny Walker and Jamal Mashburn from the past because “they were dedicated to the game and played hard, representing the school well.”

His favorite player on this season’s team is DeMarcus Cousins.

Cammack has enjoyed having season tickets for the past eight years and believes that experiencing a game at Rupp Arena is special,

“It’s a thrill that I probably haven’t been through anywhere else,” Cammack said. “It’s like a new experience every time. It’s loud and some plays make the hair stand up on your arms.”

Cammack has collected about 70 die cast cars, trucks, semis, planes and even a couple of horse drawn wagons painted with the UK logos. He also cherishes a bronze bust of Adolph Rupp.

“I started doing a lot of collecting in the mid-1990’s,” Cammack said. “The die-cast cars are my favorite, but I also like the old Wildcats emblems and old decals.”

His wife, Sandy, nominated Eddie because “he stayed just as true in their down years as he did in their up years.”

“Eddie has over 50 shirts, and every single one of them have a UK logo of one type or another,” Sandy wrote. “He does not even own a dress shirt that does not have a UK logo. Heaven forbid should he be seen without a UK hat on.”

With an SEC championship and a chance to advance past the Sweet Sixteen in the NCAA tournament, the Wildcats have Cammack to see how far they can advance.

“I had someone tell me that this was a good year to be a UK fan,” Cammack said. “I told him that every year is a good year to be a UK fan. I think we have a good chance to be in the Final Four, but we’re young. But they refuse to lose. This is a special year.”