Caldwell makes most of senior year

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By Ryan Naus

When Kara Caldwell started her senior season playing for the Williamstown girls’ golf team, she set a goal of making it to state.

Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to reach that goal, but still remembered why she loves the game.

“I love the game of golf so much because it’s given me a lot of patience,” Caldwell said. “My family also plays and it’s a nice way to bond with them.”

Clyde, Caldwell’s older brother, helped her learn the game as she has played for seven years.

“He always taught me something new that I didn’t know whenever we played together,” she said.

While learning the game, Caldwell had to learn the intricacies of the game and also had to learn not to put too much pressure on herself.

“It was hard because of all the concepts,” Caldwell said. “The hardest part was pushing myself so hard.”

The easiest part of the game for Caldwell to pick up was putting because “it just came easily for me,” she said.

While the careers of most athletes end at high school, Caldwell appreciates the fact that she will be able to play golf for the rest of her life and one day teach the game to her children.

“I think it will still be a sport that I’ll always love,” she said.

Caldwell helped the younger players on the team by setting an example, coach Al Rich said.

“Kara is one of the most enthusiastic and upbeat players that we’ve had,” Rich said. “She’s been a joy to work with throughout her high school career.”

One of her favorite parts of playing for Williamstown is the new people she’s met while playing and the fact she learned how to depend on herself when she was on the course.

“I watched the people I played with and learned from them,” Caldwell said. “Doug Lawrence has been with me since I started playing golf. He’s such a good teacher and he’s helped me get better.”

Her advice for younger players is to stick with the games through the highs and the lows.

“If you love the game, stick with it no matter how hard it gets,” Caldwell said. “Don’t get nervous during tournaments. I didn’t take the game seriously my junior year and I pushed myself to be my best this year. It felt awesome to be an asset to the team as a senior.”