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KSP arrest 17 on drug charges

By Jamie Baker-Nantz

Jim Blackney of Dry Ridge wasn’t too surprised when he woke up around 6 a.m. on July 26 and saw police cars swarming a house across the street from him.
The Kentucky State Police arrested 15 people on drug charges in an early morning roundup.
The roundup was the result of nearly a year of work by police, including undercover surveillance and drug purchases.
For Blackney, it was a long time coming.
“I’ve been watching for months,” Blackney said. “There’s been all kinds of traffic coming and going all the time.  The people were in and out quick.”
Blackney said he’d witnessed cars parking in neighboring businesses and then either walking down the street or driving down when one car would leave.
Their destination, Blackney said, was a house on Race Street, across the street from his home.
“For months we’ve been hearing car doors slamming until 2 and 3 in the morning,” he said. “I’m as happy as a lark watching them being led off in handcuffs.”
A Grant County grand jury handed down 26 sealed indictments last month for 26 people on 82 felony and two misdemeanor charges.
Police arrested 15 on July 26 and two additional men by July 31. They are still searching for nine others.


Those arrested include: Eric B. Smith, 23, Ashley Baker, 23, David Williams, 55, Loretta Williams, 55, Joshua W. Franks, 25, Cody S. Glenn, 19, Austin R. Holt, 18, Lisa Courtney, 43, Kimberly C. Young, 44, Clinton G. Terpening, 43, Steven R. Young, 24, Ashley Ellis, 24, James R. Lake, 31, Dwayne A. Nichols, 24, Krystal D. Courtney, 20, Rodney Hall, 43 and Ricky Courtney, 46, all of Grant County.

The charges include 46 counts of felony unlawful distribution of a methamphetamine precursor, 28 counts of felony trafficking in a controlled substance first degree, four counts of persistent felony offender, two counts of receiving stolen property – firearms, two counts of manufacturing methamphetamine and two misdemeanor counts of trafficking in a controlled substance.

Two juveniles were taken into custody and two other adults were arrested on unrelated charges. The case remains under investigation.