Bus driver offers formal apology for crash

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This is addressed to the children that were on Grant County School Bus #062 on Jan. 17, 2007. It is also addressed to your families, my own loved ones and everyone else whose life was touched by the morning’s fateful accident.

As the five year anniversary passes, I can not let this go another day. I have always been advised not to contact the victims, but my own heart compels me to do so. There were so many victims affected by the accident, including my own daughters.

Therefore, I am writing this public formal apology and am trying to make amends. I am truly and sincerely sorry to everyone.

I am forever imprisoned by my own inability to forgive myself, but it is not mine that matters the most to me. Jesus is the only one who has the authority to forgive, yet I need yours now, as much as I need my next breath.

I regret how long it has taken me to express to you how sorry I am for the result of my actions. I know this letter does not change the course of our lives, but I hope this gives you some peace in knowing that I am truly remorseful. Again, to all who were (and are still) affected, I give you my humblest apologies. I wish you all the very best of life.

Angelynna Young-Howe

WKCC, Fredonia, Ky.