Braves start season with win

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By Ryan Naus

While the Grant County boys’ soccer team struggled with the heat in their season opener, scoring was not a problem.

The Braves scored three goals in the first half against Covington Latin, coming away with a 3-0 win on Aug. 18.

Senior Anthony Clouse scored two goals and senior Phillip Clough added the third goal.

“It was a good starting game for us,” coach Dempsey Schlueter said. “We started to wear down and it gave us a chance to get the younger players some experience.”

The teams took breaks halfway through each half to make sure that the players were staying hydrated to combat the heat.

The Braves also saw several areas where they could improve.

“Early in the season, we want to improve our conditioning and we’ll build on that throughout the season,” Schlueter said.

“We were learning against Covington Latin and seeing what we could do as a team,” senior Christian Cain said. “We learned that we need to improve our passing, all around the field. We’re working with each other to make plays. But we also had a strong offense. Instead of having two people on offense, we’re building an attack with several people. Every opportunity is important. Any time there is a chance to score, we have to take advantage. It’s vital for our team.”

The Braves followed with a 2-1 loss to Holy Cross on Aug. 20.

Anthony Clouse scored in the first half to put the Braves ahead, but they allowed two goals in the second half, leading to the loss.

“That was the first situation when we had to play catch-up,” Schlueter said. “Our main focus wasn’t on continuing to play our game. We started to play kickball a little more. We weren’t expecting to score, but we were hoping to score. We’re starting the games strong and I like our aggressiveness. But as a whole, we can improve our play.”

“We showed our weaknesses because Holy Cross had more size and speed,” Cain said. “It showed us what we need to improve on. We are working on our conditioning and our stamina will be better as we keep working on it. We want to make this year the best year ever.”