Braves searching for first win

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By Matt Birkholtz

After losing their first home game to Owen County 20-6 at the Grant County Bowl Game Aug. 27, the Grant County High School Braves will seek their first win against Western Hills at 7:30 p.m. Sept. 2.


In the game against the Rebels, the Braves missed opportunities that put the game out of reach and coach David Arvin is preparing the team to correct that moving forward.

“Every drive that Owen County scored on we had a dropped interception, a missed stop on fourth down and we couldn’t find a way to make a play,” he said. “Offensively, when we would make a turnover it was a result of somebody doing something they weren’t supposed to be doing.”

Arvin said that with those missed opportunities that the Rebels came ready to beat the Braves and the Braves weren’t ready to beat Owen County.

“That falls on me and the other coaches and we are getting together and putting our heads together to change the attitudes of our guys and get them to be committed,” he said. “We have some pretty good guys and quality ones. We think we can have a great football team and we are trying to get that put together.”

There weren’t many bright spots for the Braves, but Tyler Robinson rushed for one touchdown and Blake Dills had an interception in the game.

“Blake has come out of being a pleasant surprise, coming to him on the hill and talking about football and him running some routes and how we would use him,” Arvin said. “He is one of our best receivers out there and he just works hard, even when no one is around. I’m sure he hasn’t noticed us seeing him give that effort, but we have and we like seeing that from him. He is quiet and I don’t know if we would exchange 10 words in a week’s time. He just works at it and if he does something wrong and we correct him, he just says ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ He is a very good person and a welcomed addition.”

With Dills’ performance at this point in the first two games of the season, Arvin hopes he can be an example for more students at GCHS to try football or other sports.

“We want to see students come out and be a part of something,” he said. “Hopefully, it’s something we can turn around at the end of the season into a successful program and they need to see that. There are some students in that school building that should be playing football, basketball or a whole other list of sports.”

A benefit of playing week three for Arvin is that the games from here on out on the schedule are on Friday nights.

“We’re happy that we are getting on a typical Friday schedule,” he said. “It affects us when we have played on Saturdays because it gives you an extra preparation day for that week, but takes away a preparation day for the next week’s game. Hopefully, getting on a consistent schedule will help the players. Then it is just the typical stuff coming in on Sunday and watching film, review it, practice it and adjust it for the week when Friday comes.”

Arvin does have some experience coaching against Western Hills last season for Washington County. Last season his  Washington County team beat Western Hills 40-14 when Arvin was the offensive coordinator.

Arvin knows, however, that, with both teams playing with 0-2 records, it will be a battle.

“They are going to show up ready to win,” he said. “They are hungry for their first win and the key is who wants it more. The team that wants that first win is going to get it.”