Braves in hunt for win

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By Matt Birkholtz

After a 21-6 defeat to Western Hills Sept. 2, the Braves will be working on improvements in search of their first win against Waggener.

Braves coach David Arvin has seen improvements from week to week, but said there is more to be done.

“There are things that were better,” he said. “Some bright spots were people stepping up for us. What we got to get better at is, we got to become perfect in our execution. We don’t have that four or five star athlete that can go down and score a touchdown. We are not blessed with those kinds of athletes, so we have to be perfect in every aspect of the game for this thing to work and we just aren’t there yet. We are steadily getting there each and every week, but not at the pace I would like or where the players would like, but we are progressing each week.”

Arvin said the Braves are getting better at tackling and on the offensive and defensive line.

“We got some injuries, but we are working through things and it isn’t easy, especially for those that have to play both ways. It’s a steep learning curve, these players are on,” he said.

Shelby Caudill, the junior quarterback, is thankful for the offensive line’s hard work, which allows him to put passes together.

“We got to start doing the little things,” he said. “We have to execute on offense. The defense is there but we just have to execute.”

Arvin said if his players keep their heads up, it will pay off.

“We are playing the game the right way and if you are doing things right so many times, good things are going to come,” he said. “It is like life, you do things right, you’re going to catch a break and one of these weeks we are going to get a break. I felt that we made some breaks early in the game and we are really pleased with our special teams creating opportunities for us, but we weren’t able to capitalize offensively and that is on me. That is my job and what I am supposed to be good at, but right now I am not and we are going to get together this week and look at what we need to get fixed.”

Three players have already quit since week one.

“We had a talk last week with the entire team,” Arvin said. “We told everyone you are either with us or against us and if you don’t buy into what we are trying to do and accept coaching, and you aren’t willing to bust your butt to do what is needed for this team to be competitive, then leave.”

 “It is better for them as individuals because if you don’t like your job, you aren’t going to want to go to work every day. If they aren’t going to like football then we don’t want them here because they are going to put the team down and not be happy,” he added.

Arvin said that Waggener, which is a school outside of Louisville, will show some mismatches for the Braves and that going on the road is always tough for any team and that they are working on getting that first win no matter where it is at.

Arvin said, even at 0-3 this team can still make the playoffs. He is using that to pump up his players.

“It has got to be motivational because I tell them we have three seasons,” he said. “Pre-season is our first five games heading into our bye week. We are still learning and growing because we are a young program and it is going to be a learning curve with some getting a first look at varsity. I tell them they have a four-game schedule in districts and we just have to win one of those games to get to the playoffs. We have to go from there and see that anything can happen. We just have to progress and get better. We are a better team than we were at Harrison County and we want to be a better team three or four weeks from now when we play South Oldham.”

Kickoff is at 7:30 p.m. Sept. 9 at Waggener High School.