Braves, Demons compete in Grant Invitational

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The Sept. 7 Invitational race started the fall season for Grant County’s cross country team. Held at Sherman Elementary School, the race consisted of dozens of teams from all over the state, with a final count of approximately 1,600 registered runners.


Canopies and concessions were set up throughout the school’s backyard turning the atmosphere into a festive one.
The races, which began at 9 a.m. started with the boys and girls varsity teams and throughout the day worked their way down to the middle and elementary school teams.
Each runner was assigned a number and as that runner crossed the finish line, their number was marked and their time carefully recorded.

Throughout the race, parents and coaches walked along the sidelines encouraging their teams.
At the end of the race, awards were handed out and rankings were posted on the wall.

As the day wore on, those who weren’t racing or on the sidelines crowded under canopies, umbrellas  and in the school building to escape the heat.

Medical staff posted at the finish line not only treated the occasional bruised leg and twisted ankle but also remained especially vigilant for signs of dehydration.

Water had been stockpiled to ensure that everyone remained hydrated as well as possible.

An award plaque had been commissioned to be given to Marlon Kinsey, former GCHS cross country coach who had stepped away from coaching after 22 years. Unfortunately, Kinsey was sick and could not attend.