Bargain hunters!

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One Williamstown woman hopes that bargain hunters will line up for this weekend’s U.S. 25 yard sale.
The U.S. 25 yard sale begins Thursday, June 6 and continues through Saturday, June 8.
Judy Wigginton got the idea for the three-day event from the infamous U.S. 127 yard sale held in August and last year she began working the phones to make it happen.
Wiggington was given office space  by the city of Williamstown.
She began calling cities along U.S. 25 in Kentucky, Tennessee and Georgia. She even traveled up and down U.S. 25 distributing flyers.
The inaugural event last year met with enthusiasm from sellers in Grant County.
Susan Clark of Corinth saw one of the flyers and decided to set up a booth. Clark, a regular seller on the 127 sale, rented a space from Bruce’s Grocery in Mason.
She said that business was steady on Thursday and Friday last year.
“There was more traffic than we thought,” she said. “It was a nice, sunny day and it seemed that people were just out enjoying it.”
Wiggington was pleased with the results.
“From what I saw, it went well,” she said. “From the people that I’ve spoken with, people made good money.”
One change from last year was to shorten the sale to three days instead of four.
“We did this because the sellers were ready to pack up on Sunday and the buyers had dwindled by then,” Wigginton said.
Churches, businesses and individuals have jumped on the opportunity to rent yard sale space along U.S. 25.
“The city building has received a lot of calls requesting information,” said Williamstown Mayor Rick Skinner.
He said one call was from LaFollette, Tenn.
“That city has really embraced this idea,” he said. “I definitely like that the word is spreading and people are beginning to realize that they will have people come and shop. I think in years to come it will be neat to know that someone in Williamstown, Ky. actually started the U.S. 25 yard sale.”
For more information, call the Williamstown City Building at 859-824-6351.