Backyard Beekeepers host homecoming

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Bees are everywhere in the news now. “Bees Pollinate One of Every Three Food Crops.” “Scientists and Others Debate Colony Collapse.” People wonder, “What is happening to our honey bees? What will happen to our food supply?” but “What can we do?”
No one has all the answers. But a dedicated group of your neighbors in Grant and nearby counties can get you started finding out. 

The Kentucky Backyard Beekeepers will hold their annual homecoming and cookout at 6:30 p.m. on July 8 at the Grant County Cooperative Extension Office in Williamstown. 

The public is invited and welcome to share a meal, talk to experienced beekeepers, learn more about these fascinating and vitally important insects and their care. You may even get a chance to see the inside workings of a honey bee colony, up close and personal. Honey and other hive products will be for sale. 

The whole family, for one membership fee, can join the Backyard Beekeepers, attend educational and social activities, partner with a beekeeper in caring for beehives, and learn about getting started with bees of your own. 

The US consumes thousands of pounds of honey a year, 40 percent of it imported. By purchasing local honey, the buyers get a pure, natural product, supporting the local economy, and helping to potect these tiny, tireless creatures who play such a major role in the agriculture. 

RSVP at the group’s Facebook event link, https://facebook.com/events/ or shadygrovefarm@wkybb.net.