Amusement is a blast but I’ve had enough

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Recently some of my family and I went to Kings Island. It had been the better part of 15 years since I had been there. Two teenagers, two children and three adults. This should be fun.  
I was excited to take a day off and go be a kid myself.
An hour and half to get there after a breakfast stop and making sure everyone had taken a potty break. We were as ready as ever to ride the rides everyone had been talking about since we left.
While we waited to pay our way in, everyone was jittery with excitement about what rollercoaster to get on first.
As I looked around taking it all in a thought crossed my mind if the park had beefed up the rides somehow without my knowing.
The rollercoasters seemed much more daunting this time around.
We finally were up to the window to pay and the not so nice teenybopper behind the counter asked for $170 for four people.
I just about passed out on the already steaming concrete.
How much?
I thought I was a bargain hunter and had coupons. If those hadn’t existed, it would’ve been much more. Some bargain hunters I was.
I looked around and everyone was ecstatic. Money can’t buy those kinds of smiles. We were all-together and were already having too good of a time just standing in line.
Funny, I didn’t remember it coting that much 15 years ago. But then my concept of money was quite distorted.
Prices went up either that or I was cheap. Maybe a little of both. No, not cheap just a bargain hunter.
Yeah that’s what I’ll go with.
We were in the gate and off and running. Where to begin first? It wasn’t too long before I started feeling like a kid again myself and was in line for the first coaster of the day. As we got closer, I could feel the excitement of my family.
We finally boarded the rollercoaster, I suddenly remembered that I didn’t like the ups and downs of rollercoasters and I didn’t like heights. Heights are my kryptonite.
Want to see me act like a crazy person? Put me on something that goes up. Way up.
I made a quick check of the track, seemed innocent enough.
As the coaster took off at a relatively fast speed I might add, my heart was in my throat. Oh my goodness. It had been a long time since I had been on a rollercoaster. Nervousness and half-scared along the ride we went and I told myself I was being ridiculous.
I looked over to see how everyone else handled it. The two 8-year-olds asked if we could do it again. Well one fear put to rest.
At least they weren’t afraid. I was the chicken.
After a couple of light coasters I thought I was settling in to the adventurous old me and could handle anything.
Boy, was I wrong. The time had come. I knew I couldn’t avoid it. I was in line for a coaster that suddenly went vertical and then back down, watching the deathly sudden vertical motion of the coaster with others on it was about enough to send me over the edge.
I scolded myself and thought the children had more nerve than I did. I had to do this. It became a mission to prove myself wrong.
We boarded and I double-checked and triple-checked the belts. As the shoulder harness came down sounding like an old crotchety bridge, I thought too late to back out now or was it? Just at that time I heard the attendants say all clear.
Maybe from where they were standing.
One of the 8-year-olds rode beside me and I looked over and they’re grinning from ear-to ear.
We began up the vertical death mount and the sound grated on my nerves, it’s as if the track was mocking me.
After what seemed like an eternity, the carts made it to the top and down we went. I screamed like a banshee until I couldn’t anymore.
The ride lasted no more than 30 seconds and when it came to a rest I looked down and of course my little friend asked, “Can we do that again? That was fun.”
By this time, it was time for lunch and I needed a break.
Maybe it’s not the afraid part that gets me. My nerves cannot take it. Okay maybe a little of being scared. But I can tell you this that is the only thing that can unnerve me. Well for now.
The rest of the day was relatively calm because come to find out one of my cousins was just as discombobulated as I was about riding big giant coasters.  
Overall, after spending a generous amount of money and the day coming to a close, I looked at everyone and asked if they had had a good time. They all enthusiastically said “Yes.”
Well, then even if I got my marbles rattled a little, it was worth every minute, even the terrifying ones. I must admit even I had a great time and it will be a trip none of us will forget. And making memories is what the trip was all about.
Camille McClanahan is the editorial assistant at the Grant County News. She can be reached at 859-824-3343 or via e-mail at cmcclanahan@grantky.com.