America's attention should not be diverted

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(Editor’s Note: Ron Kennedy of Mt. Zion was a frequent contributor to the editorial pages of the Grant County News. He dropped this letter to the editor off for publication last week. Sadly, Ron passed away on Nov. 13. He was not afraid to share his opinion or to have people disagree with him. His voice will be missed.)

If you want to rob a bank or toss a firebomb into a gas station across town, “diversion” is often a planned strategy like the firebomb or a military ploy to confuse and distort the focus of the enemy. Some diversions are purely accidental like the driver who rear ends a truck while his attention is diverted to another accident. As certain members of the media were forming plans to call for the President to explain the rapid disappearance of a trillion dollar surplus inherited from the Clinton Administration, terrorists struck New York, diverting media attention, along with the entire nations, to the horrific incident of 9/11/01. A few unscrupulous aged “Swift Boaters” planned well the diversion of our nation’s attention from one man’s lack of military credential by their massacre of the distinguished service record of a decorated Vietnam Veteran. I can’t help but notice lately, Mitch McConnell’s focus on the activities of Barak Obama. An apparent plan by McConnell to divert our attention from a do nothing Congress to the President. My political party alliance has always been crystal clear, which I’ll readily admit is further evidenced by some of the examples that I have cited, and I will continue my support for the leaders of my Party, however, I will not hesitate to disagree when warranted. I believe that Obama was wise and well to implement the tried and proven FDR plan to boost the economy, but he was erring when he did not take appropriate action against certain greedy individuals who diverted the stimulus money from the mainstream to themselves. He erred again when he allowed National Public Health Care to divert his attention from the stimulus alternatives such as import taxation to level the playing field for domestic producers. I’ve been in Sunday school and church all my life, and I’ll confess that I have experienced many diversions during my 70 plus years, but I shall not forget an early childhood teaching , that the definition of “creation” is “making something out of nothing” with the emphasis on, “ only God can do it” I am always reminded of this when I hear the words, “ job creation.” The industrialization that fueled our economy is all but gone, and we are left to nothing. Most readers of “The News” know that every thread in my political fiber is Democrat , but first and foremost, though not a “religious fanatic,” I am a God fearing Christian, thus the central focus of my comments. Not through some carefully laid plan, nor accident as previously cited, but by gross negligence, ignorance and personal preference, we have diverted our attention from God to the lesser human elements to direct our nation. God wants our first choice, but I believe that he will heed a nation’s plea, “ God help us,” even though it be as our last resort.
Ron Kennedy
Dry Ridge