Age is a question of mind over matter...

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By Camille McClanahan

Recently I turned 27, so I thought maybe I needed to go to the eye doctor as I started to notice my vision was slipping. I always thought of myself as fortunate when it came to the matter of glasses because everyone has them.

So I drudgingly made the appointment and off I went to the eye doctor, I was due for my check-up anyway. I kept reasoning and arguing with myself and almost canceled the appointment half a dozen times. I knew deep down I would walk out with some not so good news but I was hopeful that the doctor would tell me it was just me being me and that I was fine.

If all went well, I could continue to pretend that I was closer to turning 18 rather than 30. Not that having glasses are a bad thing necessarily, for me it was a sign that I’m getting older. The verdict is one of my eyes, my vision is far-sighted while in the other I’m near-sighted. He did mention that my prescription was a teeny, tiny one and it was’t like I was losing my sight.

So as they dilated my eyes, which is an odd experience all it’s own, I wondered what kind of an impact these things would cause on my daily life and then suddenly I couldn’t see far away.

I’m having trouble seeing and now I had to pick a pair of glasses that didn’t make me look dorky with only the help of a nice man who, let’s face it, knew nothing about my style. I wanted something that made me look smart. I figured if I have to have these things might as well play it up, right?

So I sat there looking drugged and out of it, wondering if I made the right decision on the glasses and just how much this little inconvenience would cost me. I despise spending money on myself. I guess you could say I’m frugal.

I never paid much attention to people with glasses but as I left I started searching everyone’s face I came across thinking any minute I was going to be reprimanded for staring. But this was a shock, all I could do was hope I didn’t look like a complete idiot in my new glasses as I had to wear them while reading and on the computer.

A few weeks later, I picked them up and the moment of truth came. What would they feel like? What would they look like? What would people think? What would my daughter think? Her opinion is what mattered the most. Funny how our kids opinions mean the most to us even if they are little.

So I dutifully put glasses on, as I went to get my daughter off the bus. Let me tell you, She didn’t even make it off the bus before she pointed and laughed and said “Mommy, you look funny.”
Well, so much for that.

But I got great reviews from everybody else.
So I guess those outweighed my daughter’s reaction. After which I had a stern talk with her about laughing at people, at least it was good ol’ mom and not some stranger.

It’s odd that when I was younger, I wanted glasses to fit in, now I can’t stand wearing them. But at least I get a few perks out of it.

They do make me look smarter.

So now I can honestly say I joined the rest of the family with glasses and won’t look like I don’t belong when family portrait time rolls around.

Camille McClanahan is the editorial assistant at the Grant County News. You can contact her at 859-824-3343 or via e-mail at gcneditorial@grantky.com.