The act of grace

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One of my boys acted out the other day. I told him to go to his room while I figured out what his punishment was going to be. As I thought about what to do, one word came to mind, Grace. The more I thought about it, I became more open to the idea of grace rather than punishment, even though he had earned punishment. I walked to his room, asked him what he had done and why it was wrong. He explained it to me and then wanted to focus on his punishment. I explained to him that he deserved to receive some form of punishment, to be grounded from video games or the television for the day. He was sad and began crying, “Daddy I am so sorry!” Then I dropped the bomb, “But son I am going to give you grace. No punishment. I want you to know that your behavior and your thinking are not acceptable, but I am going to give you grace.” He looked up with tears still on his face and said, “Grace?” I was able to explain to him that grace is when you are given something that you do not deserve.

Did you know that God gives grace? Your life is a gift and is evidence of God’s grace to you. Everything you have comes from God’s mercy and grace. The biggest gift of forgiveness and grace, however, can be found in the cross. God showed His love for you in sending Jesus Christ to die on the cross, where Jesus took your punishment upon himself so that you would not have to endure it, He rose from the grave three days later, giving all those who would believe in Him as their Lord and Savior forgiveness, mercy and grace. Do you want to experience grace? Do you know there is a relationship problem between you and God? Turn to Jesus. He will not disappoint you.

(Josh Landrum is the pastor of Knoxville Baptist Church. He can be reached at 823-4441,Blog:http://pastorjoshreflections.blogspot.com/ or Twitter @Landrum_Josh. The church website is www.KnoxvilleBaptist.org)