2014 Kiwanis Auction in full swing

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By Ken Stone

  The 2014 Kiwanis Charity Auction is just over four months away with the dates now being announced as Friday, Jan. 31 and Saturday Feb. 1.  The Kiwanis Auction committee is already in action with preliminary efforts to make it an entertaining event.
   The UK basketball game is at 1 p.m. so there won’t be any Auction vs. UK basketball rivalry like last year’s very exciting game.  Keep your UK basketball guests in the warmth of your hospitable home by planning a UK and Auction party.
  The Bank of Kentucky has already donated metal cabinets for those who have lots of tools or maybe collectors of special stuff, along with a beautiful mantel clock, large framed prints and much more.

  A Kiwanis member from a Northern Ky. club has given the auction expensive glassware that is also in auction storage.
 The Kiwanis are accepting donation now and placing them in storage, cataloged, numbered and ready to hit the auction block in 19 weeks.

   Dennis Stanley is working on his bad carnival act sales routine right now. Yes, it takes him over 19 weeks to come up with the same jokes he has used on me, and you, for the past 16 years. He’s also shopping for the most ugly shirts that a TV camera has ever seen; all for your entertainment and to raise funds for community projects.

  The 2013 Kiwanis Charity Auction raised over $15,000 that has been spent or has been allocated to be spent during the next 3 months.  

  The Kiwanis recently did a budget revue and had some funds remaining that were given to the backpack and meals program as well as other programs.
 For more information on the auction and how it works contact me at kstone@grantky.com or call the Grant County News office, or contact Dennis Stanley or any other Kiwanis member.  

   Watch for more information.
(Ken Stone is publisher of the Grant County News. He can be reached at 859-824-3343 or by e-mail at kstone@grantky.com.)