2014 Candidate's Forum- Magistrate, first district

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The following are excerpts from comments from the Candidate's Forum:

Magistrate first district

Ray Kinmon
“We've got to be great financial managers, especially in these tough
economic times. Money is tight. We've got to be very frugal with the

“I think we need to look at more recreation for Grant County. When I was a child there was a bowling alley in this county, a skating rink, and for us old people, a drive-in movie. We currently do not have anything like that for our families. Parks and rec does a great job providing things, primarily in the summer, but in the cold months there's basically nothing for families to do.”

“I'd like to see the fiscal court head in a proactive direction rather than reactive. Do things to try to get ahead of the game.”

“I think we need to market the product that we have here. Everyone sitting here lives here and loves the place. We need to sell Grant County to businesses to come here to locate.”

Jacqalynn Riley
“This county has done its due diligence to prepare for the Ark over the
last four years. With our comprehensive county master plan and our
strategic master plan for the city of Williamstown, we are working to get our ducks are in a row from an infrastructure standpoint.”

“It's not just about restaurants. It's not just about hotels. It's also
about our quality of life of the community that continues to live here as well.”

“We need to re-prioritize where we spend our money. With the job as a magistrate, not only is the infrastructure important, but so is law
enforcement coverage as well. I think those two things trump anything else. Unfortunately, hard reality may set in for other programs or other entities.”

“I think the magistrates and the new judge should focus on communication. We have a large jurisdiction here. We have five cities that encompass a county that is large. We should focus on that we are all collectively communicating.”

“I know everyone thinks the Ark is going to be a saving grace, but I think it is going to bring positive growth to this community from a revenue stream.”

Charlotte Schmidt
“We need to make sure that (preparation for the Ark Encounter) is planned in advance.”

“The first thing I'd want to know is how much crime we have and why the management who decides these things would decrease (sheriff deputy staffing) if we really seriously needed it.”

“We need jobs. We need another Dana, a big company that would think this is a great area to move into.”

“I want my community to be a good place to live with thoughtful progress on future development, regulations that make sense and creative ideas for improvement without spending a lot of money.”

“With experience, commonsense and your input, we will make the right decisions.”

Timothy Burgess II
“I think our county really needs young people to get involved in politics more. We do have a serious problem with young people getting kind of discouraged or dropped through the cracks. I think we need to do more as a county to reach out and get our citizens involved.”

“I know there are a lot of bridges and roads in our county that need some serious attention before they can start handling the additional traffic we can expect from such a large attraction. Other than that, we need to be actively looking to reach out to attract new businesses.”

“As more people come into the county because of things like the Ark
Encounter, we're going to need a robust police force to deal with the
additional traffic. This is not a time to be cutting back on our police and necessary services. We certainly need to be building that force for the future.” 

“I believe we need to focus on the growth and prosperity of our county. It's a hard time economically, but there is so much room for growth and improvement.”

“If you support me, I can promise that I will get up everyday thinking
about what I can do for the members of Grant County.”

Rusty Willoughby
“Four years from now, the county will not look the same as it does today. These changes are going to come with many challenges and also many opportunities. As magistrate, I will give voice to the people who work and live in our community now and I will also speak for the people who will live here 20 years from now.”

“The expansion of our infrastructure and our public services must be
focused on the long-term livability and sustainability of our community. We have the leave things better than how we got them.”

“As the county grows, hopefully there will be money there to build up the sheriff's department. You may have to rely on our city governments to fill in the gap while we wait on that.”

“I'd like to see the court direct the county government to more
sustainability. We have to make it more livable and more things available to us here in this county. The days of being able to work in Cincinnati and come back to Grant County to live are just about over. The $6 gallon of gasoline is just about going to rule that out.”

“It won't be the Ark that saves us. It will be the little places like
Bruce's Grocery, Edmondson's Grocery.”