2014 Candidate's Forum- Court of Appeals Judge

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The following are excerpts from comments from the Candidate's Forum:

Court of Appeals Judge, 6th District, first division

Justin Sanders
"The reason I am running for judge is because I have a passion and a commitment to serving the public."

"The goal of any judge I believe is fair, unbiased evaluation of cases and also an efficient movement of cases through the court."

"(Senate Bill 5) is absolutely critical to stem the rising problem of heroin and all the crimes that are related to it." 

"I'm the best candidate for this position. I am the only candidate with both civil and criminal litigation experience as a prosecutor and as an attorney representing Kentucky families and citizens. I am the only candidate in the race who has practiced law his entire career in the 6th appellate district, which we are in."

Allison Jones
"I think efficiency of cases is one of our primary goals not only on the Court of Appeals level but the lower court level as well. Technology is key there."

"I want to see the public, if you are interested in a case whether it's your own case or a case of public interest, where you can get on your computer at home and you can pull up the docket to that case and you can look at anything that's been filed. That's important for the element of transparency."

"I am the only candidate that has prior judicial experience, not just as a Court of Appeals judge, but as a trial-type judge where I decided workers' compensation claims."

"The Court of Appeals, in my opinion, is no place for a judicial rookie. It is the last court most people will have their cases decided in. The work we do is important. We need someone with the right experience."