‘Grant County, the place I know, love’

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By Paige Taylor

Hi, I’m Paige Taylor and I’ll be reporting and writing for the Grant County News this summer.

I’m 20-years-old and I’m from Crittenden, where I have lived since I was in elementary school. I have spent many summers at the Eagle Creek Country Club swimming during the hot days, but this year I’m excited to write for my hometown newspaper.

I graduated from Grant County High School in 2009 where I took part in cheerleading as well as with the speech and drama club and I will always be a Braves fan at heart. I’m currently attending the University of Kentucky as a broadcast journalism major with a French minor.

Ever since I can remember I was captivated by the morning news. When I was younger, each day before going to school, I would watch all of the Cincinnati morning news stations.

Watching the morning news gave me a sense of comfort because I felt like I knew everything that was going on. Ever since that point I wanted to be an informative voice to everyone else. I want to be the one to inform, update and encourage everyone in my hometown, Grant County.

After plenty of experience, I am ready to do just that. I have spent time writing and reporting for the University of Kentucky newspaper, The Kentucky Kernel. I have also lent my voice to the Lexington based NPR station WUKY-FM where I was a student reporter and producer. I have had the opportunity to meet many great people while reporting. I had great experiences interviewing people at Lexington Legends baseball games, the UK community and directors at the Keeneland racetrack.

Although I was thrilled about these other journalistic endeavors, nothing excites me more than to write and report for the community that I know and love.

(Paige Taylor is serving as an intern at the Grant County News. She may be reached by calling 859-824-3343 or e-mail gcneditorial@grantky.com.)