Today's News

  • Bottoms up: First alcohol sales on tap

    It was termed a “historic event in Grant County” by Darren Spahr, chairman of the group that petitioned for the Dec. 22, 2015 special election, turning the county from moist to wet. Now, four months since the vote, some people may be asking, where are the changes?

    The wheels of bureaucracy turn slowly and there has been a state-required 60-day waiting period after the election. This time allowed for certification of the vote and for government officials to set up guidelines for licensing and fees, and to name Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) administrators.

  • Man flown to hospital in crash with school bus

    A 63-year-old Dana employee was taken to the hospital by helicopter April 20 after his vehicle collided with a Grant County Schools bus.

  • The story behind the story: Author speaks at Grant County Library

    After hours of planning and much anticipation, best-selling author Jay Asher walked into the Grant County Public Library on April 19. Dressed California casual, carrying a backpack instead of a briefcase, he addressed his audience as if he were greeting new and special friends.


    The ages of his audience was a mixture of children, teens, parents and grandparents. Some had read his New York Times young adult bestseller, “Thirteen Reason Why” and some had not.

  • Jonesville Fire Chief Duvall dies at 43

    Nearly every fire department has a ‘cat in the tree’ story, but for Jonesville Assistant Fire Chief Allen Cammack, that story is a reminder of the many ways Chief Chase Duvall showed his willingness to do whatever it took to help someone in need.

  • Ark road fix part of final road plan

    It took a fight, but more than $10 million in funding for road improvements around the Ark Encounter in Williamstown were included in the final state road plan.

    The road plan, along with the state budget, was passed April 15 during the final day of the 2016 General Assembly.

    The road project to fix the exit and widen KY 36 surrounding the entrance of the Ark attraction was included in the governor’s budget, but was taken out of the House road plan by House Democrats, according to Rep. Brian Linder, R-Dry Ridge.

  • Acclaimed author coming to library April 19

    When Melissa Wallace worked as a media specialist for Grant County High School there was one book that was on constant loan, “Thirteen Reasons Why,” by Jay Asher.

    “I had five copies of it and it stayed off the shelf,” said Wallace, now public services librarian for the Grant County Public Library. “It was constantly being read and there was a time when this was an issue because we had had an incident with a student.”

  • Ark preparations underway before July 7 opening date

    What years ago seemed like an idea that might never become reality is 12 weeks from opening to the public.
    Construction on the first phase of the Ark Encounter is rapidly progressing and ticket sales are going well ahead of the Williamstown tourist attraction’s July 7 opening.

    “Because of the relatively mild winter, construction has progressed nicely,” said Mark Looy, co-founder of Answers in Genesis, which is the builder of the Ark, and its CCO and VP of Outreach.